Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tinyente Gimo on stage! :)

I have written many things before, but never one that would actually be considered as a script for a play. You probably wouldn't understand how big it is for me or for anybody in my school, but theatre is actually a thing that is appreciated by many people.

This class output became BIG when it became open to the whole school, and even to outsiders. It became even bigger when a local celebrity became part of the cast. Mr. John Arceo was glad enough to share his talents and KNOWLEDGE with us amateurs.

September 30 2011 was the day that "Palabra de Honor" was shown. I'm not here to summarize what the story is about or who the characters are, I'm here to share the experience of a first-time "playwright" that witnessed her words on stage. Is it even right to consider myself as a playwright?? I'm putting myself too much out there. I'm an amateur and I'm not even deserving to put myself beside Dennis Teodisio and more brilliant writers.

I consider myself lucky that my whole class trusted me with writing this beautiful story. My very own version of a famous Philippine folklore that haunted the country for years.

Carl Mark Pat and Dani Dincong as journalists "Benjo" and "Kristine"
Auditions for the cast started and at that time I was already getting excited. I could honestly say that La Salle is a pool of talents. We had a hard time choosing who would be part of our cast because they were all definitely really good.

In the end, we finally decided, some of the cast were from my class and the others were from different courses in the school. Despite the fact that I have been with these people ever since my first year of college, my classmates never fail to amaze me with the talents that they share. They are all wonderful actors, they managed to get the emotion that I wanted to showcase in a certain scene or line.


Everyone's favorite scene. The conversation between "Lourdes" and "Rosario" was a tear-jerker, as some would say.

John Arceo and his trusty cane
They are actually enemies in the play. :))

Christine & Grace's chemistry as best friends was just PERFECT!


backstage with Mae Ann or "Marites"
Curtain Call with Miss Jane
John sharing a funny story to ease the tension.

The whole production was great. Although we had a few minor setbacks and glitches. I'm not saying that the show we put on was perfect, but it was still great, and we had a lot of fun. I was so proud of the actors, I think the casting was perfect. The production was also very helpful with the sets, the costumes, props, music and lights. Everyone did their best, and I was very happy and thankful for them.

THANK YOU PSG and ABCO3A Production Team!!
I was definitely proud and honored to be part of this production. It was a great privilege to work with my classmates, my schoolmates, our theatre teacher Miss Jane Quilisadio and theatre actor, Mr. John Arceo. I never in my life thought I could add "playwright" to my resume. And the fact that I DID write a play that was performed in the Gallaga Theatre for hundreds of people to see definitely made me feel legit. Maybe not yet the type that gets to win many awards and translated and performed in different cities, but this is just the beginning :)

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