Monday, July 11, 2011

UNDRESS?? and wash

(for Advertising class)

A little more than 2 years ago, when I went to Cebu for our Seniors Trip in high school I came across this billboard for a laundry shop.

My intial reaction after seeing the photo was that it was very provocative, and liberated.
Naturally, the country Philippines is very conservative, and as a 15-year old in a catholic country, that was very, lets say, different, for me to see.

Now, as I have learned the basics in advertising, I realize that it was a very bold move for that certain laundry shop to use that kind of material and incorporate it with their brand name.

In plain communication process, their message was simple."Undress and wash in 25 minutes." They have a fast service that even when you want them to wash the clothes you were wearing at that exact moment you went inside their shop, they could do it, and you won't even bother covering up, because you could wear it again in minutes.

It achieved the cognitive response that aroused the minds of the people who get to see this brand. There is no name or contact of the laundry shop but it is strategically located on top of the laundry shop itself.

Then it generates people's attitudes through the medium that is the billboard whether they would find it offensive or effective thus resulting them to either use the service, or not.

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