Sunday, July 10, 2011

Kit - Kat has an idea.

(for Advertising Class)

The first worldwide site where nothing happens.

Kit-Kat has a creative idea of creating a viral advertisement that works-without working.

We all know that Kit-Kat's tagline is "Have a break, Have a kit-kat."

Contrary to other social networking sites that we often could not get enough of because there is always something to do, kitkat's site (thefirstworldwidesitewherenothinghappens) is a site page where absolutely nothing happens. You visit the site and it loads with a list of different activities that take our time, like girlfriend, internet, traffic, jump, play and many more. Once the page is loaded, We see the tag lige "Have a Break" positioned exactly where those words were found flashing.

The site has a minimalistic approach of having a white background, the tag line "Have a Break" and the sentence "The first worldwide website where nothing happens" on the upper left side with the font style of the kit-kat logo and just the time at the upper right side.Ocassionally however, there are small things happenning, like a bug flying across the screen. Probably applicable to the small written line in the bottom part of the site where they mentioned that if you spot something happening, report it to their company and you will be rewarded.

It garnered countless reactions all over the internet, like somehow it was pointless, and it was a wasted gimmicky effort. It left other people poking around the website waiting for something to happen and leaves them annoyed and somewhat feeling stupid for falling for it. But just like what my Advertising teacher said, "The company probably didn't want you to like the product itself, just the mere fact of uttering it from your mouth makes them happy."

Basically this online advertisement has gone viral and it does have the desired effect.

Seriously, go to that site, and spend maybe just 30 seconds staring at it. You will soon realize that you do need a break. Next thing you'd do? Probably look for a kit-kat just like I did, eat it, and then continue on your work for the day. Simple, yet creative (and effective!) way of advertising.

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