Thursday, April 14, 2011

not a review, but an insight

Although I have promised many times that this blog will not have a review of any kind, I’m sort of counteracting with that original plan. I have come across the books Francesca’s Kitchen by Peter Pezelli and A Whole New Life by Betsy Thornton in my collection, and loved it. They were compiled in a single paperback copy in large print. The two stories were very contradicting, as the first story was almost familial, written in a quiet and comforting manner that is usually for easy reading. The other one however is an edge-of-your-seat type of story with twists and climactic plots that are common in most of the detective-lawyer type books I own. However, the meshing of two different stories was quite new to me, as I read them one after the other. Usually, after reading a crime book, I would read another, and then another and it would take a long time before I read a book in another genre. The same goes to a blithe story; I would read another with the same field and sometimes maybe even read a love story, and then a long gap before I read another action-packed novel. I know, I read a lot of books. But back to the two, they sort of balance out each other, even though they’re directed at the exact opposite direction. Each story is short; I got to finish reading them at a day each. Both stories were intriguing, touching and seamless. What I could never forget however was the line from Francesca’s Kitchen:

There is something sweetly inexplicable that passes between two people who aren’t destined to meet when one day, after wandering often aimlessly through life, the heavens finally fall into alignment, and they happen upon each other unexpectedly. It is not quite, though some might call it so, the proverbial love at first sight that strangers sometimes experience, for in truth, the two find in each other something extraordinarily familiar and comforting. It is more a feeling of profound recognition than anything else, one that brings with it a sense of relief, as if their hearts are simply saying to each other, “Oh, there you are. Where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you for the longest time.”

I’m not really a believer of the cliché love-at-first sight, but just the thought made me wonder, if it’s true for some people, it might be true for me too. Then there unlocks another hopeless romantic dream that just seems too scatty and obnoxious, in my case. So thanks to “A whole New Life” I forgot all about the thought of finding my very own chance encounter to “love-at-first-sight” and understand the realities of what other people are facing, like divorce, and all the other negative situations that are realistic (in the most not cynical way I could possibly explain.)

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