Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our very own weekend with the Maine

As soon as we heard that the band The Maine was coming to Manila, me and my friends Alfonse and Vincent were off the edges of our seats, inviting whoever and planning whatever. Its a huge plan(in my case) to fly wherever just to watch a rock concert. I mean, what would my mom think? lol, but I asked her and convinced her. The next question was, my grandpa. So after a connivance with my mom, he said YES. :DD

Sadly Vincent couldn't come, because he'd rather attend his Saturday Nursing Class than watch the best band ever play live. So it was me, Alfonse and Aron, who was coming to watch We The Kings. But first, we had to endure our Accounting Class, that ends at 8:30pm. :/

Then because of excitement, we had no sleep. Straight ahead to the airport, groggy, and well, excited. ;D BTW, our flight was at 5am.
And then of course, the plane ride that takes reeeeaaaally long when you're me and can't wait to breathe the same air the Music Gods are breathing. I talk like such a fan-girl. haha! :P

We had fun during the flight though, talking nonsense, sleeping, and making fun of stewardesses and the bald pilot, and other passengers.

And then finally, we have arrived. Playing around in the Manila Airport and what-not.
Until Jacob came to pick us up, because Beau was such a pussy and couldn't wake up.

And off we went to Marian's apartment, until we decided on a place to eat for breakfast. Yehay Pancake House! :D

And then off we go, the three Amigos. :)) Jake & Marian left us at the train station to go to a place where Beau could easily pick us up. It took a while to convince Alfonse to ride the MRT, it was so funny the way he really refused to go, me and Aron was all up for it, heck, it was an adventure for us, we might get lost, but we didn't really care. :))

see what I mean?

Then we went around the mall to eat and eat and eat until Beau could finally arrive, he was 2 hours late. :/

Jared Monaco's tweet. ♥
After Beau picked us up, we went to his house to rest for a few hours, eat(some more) and fix ourselves.
Khen was also there.

And then off we go to Market Market to watch the bands' third show in the Philippines. woot2x! :D
with We The Kings and Never Shout Never.
NSN was up first, I wasn't really a fan of Never Shout Never but they sound better live. so now, i like them. :D
and then, THE MAINE
John O spam. haha

and then We The Kings was up next.
Aron couldn't contain his fan-girlness anymore. LOL
Hello Travis Clark!

We ate dinner at Gerry's Grill after the show then went around for a while until we got tired and went home. :D what a day! :))

hello to the gayest jump shot ever. haha :))

DAY 2:
Waking up late and eating lunch at Khen's favorite place - North Park (again?)
and then looked for Alfonse's friend Mariana to watch the show again, this time, in Alabang Town Center.

doesn't this picture just look really funny? HAHAHA :DD
although, I just sort of realized, we had no picture with/of Mariana and her other friend Miles and yet we hung out with them for almost the whole day. Counting of course those long hours of being crammed inside a small taxi.
Dinner at Burger King, and went home, through taxi. :/

Then midnight foodtrip.
And Chronicles of our past adventures, according to the story teller, Beau.
No sleep later, and we were off to the airport, to go back home. :(
And of course attempted to shop and played around in the airport until our flight.

And then our 4am flight.
spot Raina who was also in Manila on the same weekend to watch the Taylor Swift Concert.

So this was basically another weekend with the boys in Manila. I had so much fun, I got to watch my favorite band play live, and I fell in love with two other bands. Thank God good music still exists in the world today :D I wish I could have another week like this, someday. :P One of the best weekends of 2011. YEAHBOYY!! :P

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