Sunday, December 12, 2010

There is something about turning 18. :D

i have been attending a lot of debuts lately. for a span of three months, I've been to six. It was supposedly seven, but I was too lazy to attend one.
Actually, this school year, a lot of my friends are turning/turned 18. I am soo late, but what the heck, I'll have my turn! :D

When I was young, I never dreamed of celebrating a debut. I'm not really fond of the formality of a cotillion and wearing a huge puffy dress or a ball gown. But everything has changed, there is some kind of modern twist in debuts now. They are mostly themed, and required no dancing, except for during party time.

I feel like the character of Katherine Heigl in "27 Dresses" except, instead of weddings, I'm at debuts, celebrating the night with my girlfriends, wanting of having my own in the future.(which I will, but not yet.)

First up, Marian's.
The theme was "Candyland/Sailor-y" im not so sure. but it was so cute the way everyone was all dressed up, even the boys!

It was soo colorful and kids-y. filled with candies and bubbles and all the things that could remind you of your childhood.

Marian is cute like that!

Another one I attended after that was Anika's 18th.

The theme was "dazzle" so we all had to wear something bedazzling and glittery.
I went with my friend Raina and got dressed at her house. Our contrast was so funny. She dressed like a princess, and I was was somehow punk-ish.

Our classmates even joked us about being the "Taylors" she was Taylor Swift and I was Taylor Momsen, of course I had less make-up. I'm not a fan.
Oh yeah, the acoustic band we decided on making? We started it. and we performed for Anika's birthday too. It was awesome, we sang an acoustic version of Teenage Dream.

"The Feelers" ? not a nice name for a starting band, Marc. haha we'll get there, soon enough...
TITI! I missed this group! It's been so long since this quintet was complete.
Benjo hanging out with the "big" mamas :D
And an artsy treat from Aeson Baldevia, my photographer friend :)

And the latest debut: Kristine's!

With the moonlight theme, everyone was wearing either black, white, or silver.

Oh, and we sang again, plus Cleo and Dani, we even had a capella version of Firework. Hmmm Katy Perry Songs? There is a pattern, I see..
It was a fun birthday party! :D
After, we went to Sorrento for more fun.
And that's exactly what we had. :D I'm funny when I'm drunk, ask my friends! :D
I mean, race in the middle of the road?? That's me and Kate. haha!
And we all hung out until sober and morning. Hello Mcdonalds for breakfast(?)
Basically, the debuts I attended inspired me for a theme for my own. I can't wait! :D See you guys August 31st next year!! :D

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