Monday, December 20, 2010

Make way for my new drugs.

I am such a series geek. :|
And up until this semester, I've become a movie geek.
Ever since having 5-hour breaks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I have been renting and watching old and new movies with Marc and Cleo, occasionally, with Bea and Benjo too.
But seriously, this sem, I have watched at least more than twenty movies.

During the sembreak however, I started with the new series I'm getting into. Before, I was obsessed with One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Prison Break. No intervals per episode. I could lie in bed the whole day and watch a marathon of these shows. OTH was my first addiction. I watched season 1 of Gossip Girl in Manila, and when I didn't continue, I did not mind because Prison Break was totally 500x better. I finished until season 6 of OTH coz the continuation had no more Lucas and Peyton, and I loved that they were part of the original cast. I finished until the last season of Prison Break. It was a GENIUS show! I feel bad that not a lot of people watched it. Then my constant on and off addiction to all the CSIs. don't ask, CSI is just good like that.

Anyway, lately, I've had new Series-addictions. However, they are unlike the ones I used to watch. I just watch these shows in youtube, not DVD and they're not the typical teenage drama I always watch. They are sitcom. LOL.

First would be VICTORIOUS.

I know, right? At first, I thought it was kinda Zoey101-ish. Actually it is. but I loved it anyway. The characters are soo funny, and the way that they are all mixed in a dysfunctional way just kind of makes sense.
My favorite character is Jade.

She's not gothic, emo, nor punk. She's not even witchy. She's just dark and mean, and bitchy most of the time. I like that she's like the antagonist but she's part of the team. She's very blunt but still vulnerable when it comes to her hottie boyfriend, Beck.

She's a mean girl not in a Regina George kind of way and her boyfriend kind of balances her. Avan Jogia, the guy who plays Beck is smmmexy, hahaha :))

Next would be Sonny With A Chance:

I actually never really cared for this show before, I just watch it when it's on. I like Wizards better, but I've actually watched every episode of this because I found myself craving for what will happen to "Channy"-- Chad and Sonny,

It is so cute the way they always fight and get in each others necks but its so obvious that they like each other.

The next one is not a sitcom, but still a comedy.
10 things I hate about you series of the ABC family is based on the 1999 movie starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon- Levitt
I also love the chemistry between Kat and Patrick Verona of the 2010 version because its like a cat-and-dog relationship. Patrick is the mysterious "dangerous" type of guy that most girls would be afraid of(but still want.) and Kat sees through all that, but still falls for him despite her thinking she's too smart to be fooled.
story of my life.

Last but not the least, and THIS one I'm totally addicted to: SKINS.
Skins is a British drama series that is about the life of a teenager. Finally, a real drama series. I fell in love with all of the characters, they are all fucked up, in a way. They're not the typical stereotypes of American stories, no cheerleaders, jocks or nerds. They're almost the real deal, except a bit too exaggerated, but I love them nonetheless.
The show is very sexy and mature. It has nudity, drugs and well, all the normal teenage stuff that our parents pretend they never went through.
What made me love the Skins series is not just the story of each character. The actors are great, the plot constantly changing is different,but good. Their accents, and Mitch Hewer is just icing on the cake.
The way Skins play out is unlike any other series. Every two seasons, they change the whole cast to a new set of teenagers with a new set of story and baggage. In a way, it's good, coz you dont get bored with the characters, but I hope I won't miss them. I'm just in between the second season. I'm still at my first generation of characters, Currently, its at the third, so at the moment, I'm not letting go of Maxxie Oliver and Tony Stonem yet.

This blog is not supposed to be a review of these shows, but I could say they are all pretty cool shows. ;)

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