Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beanca's gleeful eighteenth.

The Proper "Last Friday Night Blog"
Remember when I promised my self that I would take Katy Perry's song literally? well, I did.

There's a stranger on my bed,

There's a pounding on my head,

Glitter all over the room,

Yeah, we danced on tabletops

and we took too many shots,

Yeah, I think we broke the law. OH wait, we did. SHHHH

Oh, it was such an epic fail! :D


Last Friday Night, October 22, 2010 was the celebration of Beanca's debut. AWESUM. She could relate to the Last-friday-night reference because she was also with me during the first "Last-friday-night" incident, along with Marc and Alfred. see this: LAST-LAST Friday Night

So anyway, it was a suuper cute, colorful, and fun party. It was glee-themed, and I dont know how you could theme a party that way, but the music were all glee-ish. It was like a musical party. It was so cute how her 18 "wishes" became 18 serenades, and I was one of them.

I was part of games with NEW and MATURE(?) mechanics. let's just say, the teenagers enjoyed that game, LOL. It consisted of running, dancing, candles, glasses, circles and shots HAHA.

I thought me and my partner was going to win, (almost) oh well, we got 3rd place out of twelve pairs, yaayy!

My favorite part was the kind-of reunion of me and my grade school friends.
the DAJ4(oh please dont ask what it means, we were immature and waaay too corny back in grade school!)
who gave an embarrassing(but fun) song number.
and the 6GEM
I never knew how much I missed them, and MISSED OUT on them. They all GREW UP, we all did. But I missed their high school, coz I was the only one who went to a different school. It was fun seeing them again :D
Although I hung out mostly with my college friends,
We all bonded together towards the end.

I hope we could do this again soon, it was fun merging old friends with new friends, and the best part was being in between. ;)

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