Sunday, October 24, 2010

Beanca's gleeful eighteenth.

The Proper "Last Friday Night Blog"
Remember when I promised my self that I would take Katy Perry's song literally? well, I did.

There's a stranger on my bed,

There's a pounding on my head,

Glitter all over the room,

Yeah, we danced on tabletops

and we took too many shots,

Yeah, I think we broke the law. OH wait, we did. SHHHH

Oh, it was such an epic fail! :D


Last Friday Night, October 22, 2010 was the celebration of Beanca's debut. AWESUM. She could relate to the Last-friday-night reference because she was also with me during the first "Last-friday-night" incident, along with Marc and Alfred. see this: LAST-LAST Friday Night

So anyway, it was a suuper cute, colorful, and fun party. It was glee-themed, and I dont know how you could theme a party that way, but the music were all glee-ish. It was like a musical party. It was so cute how her 18 "wishes" became 18 serenades, and I was one of them.

I was part of games with NEW and MATURE(?) mechanics. let's just say, the teenagers enjoyed that game, LOL. It consisted of running, dancing, candles, glasses, circles and shots HAHA.

I thought me and my partner was going to win, (almost) oh well, we got 3rd place out of twelve pairs, yaayy!

My favorite part was the kind-of reunion of me and my grade school friends.
the DAJ4(oh please dont ask what it means, we were immature and waaay too corny back in grade school!)
who gave an embarrassing(but fun) song number.
and the 6GEM
I never knew how much I missed them, and MISSED OUT on them. They all GREW UP, we all did. But I missed their high school, coz I was the only one who went to a different school. It was fun seeing them again :D
Although I hung out mostly with my college friends,
We all bonded together towards the end.

I hope we could do this again soon, it was fun merging old friends with new friends, and the best part was being in between. ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

GK weekend

last weekend was a star/politician studded weekend. I was back in Manila for the 2010 GK Expo with Team NEGROS, and I had sooo many memorable and fun experiences! I wish I could do it again, next time :D

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kalinga Sa Bayan :) GK expo 2010

This is probably one of the best weekends of my 2010. <3
Me and a couple of my fellow GK core group in school, attended the National Gawad Kalinga Expo of 2010 in Manila, we left Friday and came back Monday, exams. ugh, but so totally worth it! :D

Vicky, Lou, and me, totally flight ready! :P
This is TEAM LA SALLE-BACOLOD. not sure if there were other La Salle teams, we didnt meet any.
and Benjo :)
I love sitting by the window while flying. After riding on the plane a lot of times, the view of the clouds still amazes me.
And we have finally landed! :D
with Anika, who was there for the Adam Lambert concert, same trip though, yayy! :P
damn the Manila Friday night traffic, it took us 4 hours to get to La Salle Greenhills from the airport.
They are fixing the stage by the Pasig River, because there will be a GK-event there too the next day, and The "Run for Pasig" on Sunday.
This is the next morning, while waiting for our taxi to arrive and take us to Univ. of Makati. check our eyes out, it was soo obvious that we lacked sleep. We spent the night before prank calling our friend Marc in Bacolod, then we had to wake up really early because the Summit's registration time is 8:00 am.
with Bro. i-forgot-his name, he was nice, and he showed us around a little bit, until our ride arrived.
hello to the actual gawad kalinga expo, held at University of Makati.
with team La Salle college again. still incomplete :)
this was the band that played. awesome drumming skills man. :D
us again, with Miss Lormi.

This amazing folk-dancing team that represents the Philippines in international events, i forgot the name of their group.

a mixture of culture, literature and art. they were INCREDIBLE!
then reciting the old "Panatang Makabayan"
Sir Mari, sharing the "blue polo shirt" story ;) haha
BIHIS BAYANI, where students modelled GK shirts, bags, and other merchandise.

and this guy that my high school friends from St. Scho are crushing on. haha!

and Tito Tony Meloto.
The afternoon was about the LGU's so they kind of didn't give much importance to the students, there were a lot of politicians there so we just sat on the floor.
it was all adult stuff, so we got a bit bored, and vain. there are more pictures, trust me, but this is just one of them ;)
Vice President Binay came, and talked for a bit.

and then this was the closest I could get. I am such a fangirl, haha!
V for VISAYAS! <3

me and Danica, I was serious about the no-sleep thing. see the eyebags?? haha
Fun bonding with team Visayas, :D after that, we came back to La Salle Greenhills to grab our stuff and go anywhere we would like to stay for the night (a whole lot of discussion before we were allowed. but yeah, we have such NICE teachers) Benjo called his best mate Marian, and we met her at Market-Market.
dinner! :D and Marian's meeting Lou for the first time, aww how cute! :)

we also met Benjo's cool mom!
Then lucky for us, Marian's apartment is just in front on Greenbelt, yeahhboyy
we weren't really shopping coz it was already 10, and most of the stores were already closed, so we just strolled around.

Then, a midnight foodtrip at this reaally awesome pizza place.

To Marian's apartment! it was literally just in front of Greenbelt, how cool is that???

The following day, Benjo and I rode an MRT to the ABS CBN studios, because of Anika, we got to watch ASAP XV live. talk about timing! thank you soo much Aniknaks! This was just a side trip <3>

I looked like shxt here, but what the hey, JLC woohoo!

So then, we didn't get to finish the show because we had to be by the Quezon City Circle for the continuation of the Gawad Kalinga Event we actually came to Manila for.

Mass, Parade, Program, guests and more. Pres. Noynoy Aquino came and talked, then after, FIREWORKS!

wise PSG, they snuck the president out while everyone was gazing at the colorful sky, haha
Mr. Ryan Cayabyab
Mr. Jett Pangan
and Jayson Fernandez of Rivermaya
After everything, we went to Trinoma for a little shopping, and what else? FOODTRIP! :D I'm only curious why this trip didn't make me gain weight. haha

first flight back. we were seriously groggy, haha, oh and I bought that Alice in Wonderland book to add to my collection. I'm such a literature nerd. I've always wanted to read that book ever since, and instead of shopping for clothes that was almost the ONLY thing I bought. haha!