Sunday, September 26, 2010

lets do it all again this Friday night

LAST FRIDAY NIGHT, is not just an LSS. parts were actually true story to me and some of my friends. It was a fun adventure, but believe me, the next time I'm willing to do something like that, I'd take the Katy Perry song lyrics, literally! :D

It was Chineth's birthday and we went to her house to celebrate, yayy to the debutante!! I was feeling very hipster that day, hence the outfit and specs :) And I had my hair permed, but it didn't stay curly for more than a few hours. LESSON LEARNED. MONEY WASTED, so basically because of that, I was broke. good thing dinner was free :D

Chineth's boyfriend Carl, gaave her this puppy as a gift, its still nameless, and I just couldn't get enough of him, soooo adorable! :D

Our table, was the noisiest. LOL, Our friends Marc and Alfred became the hosts, and Me and Beanca had to do an impromptu number, I sang and she played the guitar :)

buko pandan is my favorite dessert of all time!
gradeschool friend reunited, yayy thats emil, me, and beanca :)
college friend/baby bear nenita, who gave me advice about my hair. HAHA :))
and the debutante :D
and the nameless cutie. :)
After Chineth's party Beanca, Marc, Alfred and I went to Sorrento, we had nothing to do really, we had no plans on going out, and we were broke. Alfred left to go to a "green" something and left us at Humo. We drank a little, and got just a little tipsy, haha. we talked about a lot of things, especially about love. Specifically, mine. Somehow, they enjoyed my escapades with the fallback. <3>
When we were finally sober we decided to just keep walking, we didn't have money left for more partying anyway, we decided to call Anika and bad news, she couldn't let us sleepover her house coz her other friends are sleeping there too, we panicked a bit, but kept laughing. Honestly, we didnt know what to do. HAHA :))
We went to have coffee and pancakes at Dunkin Donuts, it was already 3AM and we were almost too broke to buy more food. The text brigade to our friends started, asking whos willing to help us, who could let us sleep in their house, blah blah blah. In the end we gave up, Marc said, he had always wanted to try this experience, and we were all up for it. We thought about the hobos sleeping in the middle of the park, and just laughed at the idea not knowing that was where we were heading. We went to the Lagoon park, there were still people there too, but not too many.

doing the tourist pose pretending we just got off the first flight from God knows where.
And playing around the park until we got tired, and then finally settled into the grass.

Alfred slept immediately, Beanca and Marc was lying down on their jackets, and watched the stars. I didnt want to lie down the grass. I didnt want to sleep, the three of us just talked, about almost everything. None of us felt sleepy, at all.

The full moon was BEAUTIFUL (:

And then, talking got a bit boring, so we tried light painting, all this while Alfred was still sleeping comfortably in his very own grass bed. haha
Daybreak came and it was even better, to my other side I could still see the full moon, and to the other, I could see the orange starting to settle. It was the coolest sight ever.
In the end, I gave up to my back pains and laid in the grass too!

After a lot of people started coming to jog, me and my friends left the park. We had no money, ergo we had to walk to Marc's dorm. The road was peaceful, just a few cars were passing by except we heard a loud boom that sounded like a really2 close gunshot. Marc panicked as the four of us saw a car whose front tire popped and black smoke rose from it, the bumper fell and dragged to the road and the car slowed down towards us. Marc was way too far already, and me without any sense of survival at all just stared at the car, and decided it wasn't going to hit me.
It was another laughtrip moment, because the way Marc panicked was soo irrelevant, I heard the driver curse as we were walking away from the commotion. We tried to hide our laughter when Marc said he thought it was gonna go Final Destination on us.

When we arrived at Marc's dorm it was already 6something and we decided to munch on granola bars as we talked about our night, the three of us fell asleep at the bar downstairs, and then woke up and transferred to Marc's room. We woke up at about 9, had breakfast, and Beanca and Alfred was already gone then. Me, Marc, and his roommate Joevert went back to Lagoon coz they needed to practice for their friends cotillion, good thing I saw Dani, Benjo and other friends there who were practicing too. After all of it, we went to SM, then went home at around three pm.
NO ELECTRICITY! so i slept until 9pm and waited for the lights to turn on, by 11. :D

I will surely do this adventure again! :D

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