Thursday, September 16, 2010

keeping myself busy

it is GK awareness week in school. we posted up tarps and stuff because we wanted to recruit more studients to join the next camp that we are facilitating.LOL :D awesum.
anyhoo, next week is La Salle's University week, and we will have a booth for recruitment. I was assigned to make the ID for the members, yay to layouting.
honestly I had no idea what to do, so this was my first draft:

it was a bit plain, and sad. they said they wanted more colors, like black, green and gold. so i redid the gradient, and added design to the "Bawat Lasalista, Bayani!". They wanted it to be more lively...

but i think, it ended just with more chrome. blaarg. I removed the "hero" thing at the bottom too. Next they wanted me to add a border to the photo, and a little decoration that looks significant for GK, and this came up.:

i don't like the house at the bottom though. i just got it off the net, so i really wanted to remove it. Now, all they need me to change is the color of the GK logos to yellow, and maybe make it a little bit, Philippines-y. (if there is such a word)

i added the Philippine flag at the back too. AND POOF! it became coco crunch, haha kidding. I'm pleased with the last one, and thankfully, they are too! I'm happy with this, these will be printed and be worn next week, I cant wait ;))


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