Thursday, August 5, 2010

for Computer Application class

we were supposed to write something that tells our teacher who we will be ten years from now. Soo, yeah

Ten years from now, I am already twenty-six. Still funny, still friendly, still thin, still jobless, still single and those are all my choice. I see myself living alone, in a quiet condominium unit somewhere in Manila; still the Philippines, still a citizen. I have a great view of the city lights at night. Sippin’ Starbucks coffee from a window in the 7th floor of the said condo looking down at the people walking around Manila Bay at two in the morning, waiting for my Mcdonald’s cheeseburger to finish in the microwave, thinking to myself, “What in the hell am I doing here when in fact I have no job to pay for all of this?”

A few minutes after the thought debated on my head, my microwave created a sound that emanated a sort of “DING!” I look behind me and opened it. The smell of the burger bounded the whole room. I was about to take a bite when my cell phone started resonating in a technical voice, “You’ve got a message!” again and again. Before it annoyed me, I opened my phone, ready to lash out on whoever it was that decided to disturb my peace at this time of night.
Louder and louder, it went. I feel heavy, my phone kept shouting, until the voice reverberated into some sort of human voice. “You’ve got a message! You’ve got a message!” This time I can hear the sounds of two metals clanked together. I woke up. “Kho! You’ve got a message!” yelled the prison guard watching my cell. Ten years from now, I am already twenty-six. Still thin, still jobless, still single, but it’s not my choice. I’ll be imprisoned for being a blunt writer, for writing propagandas about the lame government.

my friends found it funny so im sharing it :P

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