Friday, August 20, 2010

BOYS WEEKEND xD (one week late post)

last Saturday i went to manila. with these people. we almost didn't make it to boarding time because someone -AHEM JOEY AHEM- was 45 minutes late.
I'm posting an embarrassing shot of Joey(middle) to give him a lesson. >:)

thankfully, he arrived 2 minutes before they could close on us.
We were going to Manila for our friend Beau's birthday celebration.
I was with the boys and theese girls are just my New found friends, haha :)
Meet Ella and Jasmine, and our AWKWARD phase ;))
finally we have arrived! :) Beau Dylan! you're nineteen BRO! (laughing because he didn't even grow an inch *sorry beau*)

Next up, Beau's condo! should've stayed there, but we only went there to change after we ate out. :(
Awesome room, and view, I SWEAR!

PARTY TIME! :D Attica Bar in Makati
I was with the boys the whole time cause I didn't know any girls besides Ella and Jasmine, who had close girlfriends there too.
I have never felt so out of place in a room full of girls until that night. They were not mean, they were actually nice, we just weren't that close. :)

Thankfully "US" boys had the same thought of going out and going home.

Beau's house felt like a guys crash pad. It was soo Guy-ish, with the gadgets mac,ps,laptop, and probably a hidden porn stash somewhere, haha
Joey is sucha loser for sleeping first :))

And Vincent got played on by Alfonse and Giles. LOL :)
This is Khen playing something I don't understand
Alfonse playing NBA Live
And me stuck with NO ONE to talk to. :(

So then Beau and his Manila friends (and Jasmine) came, so the story gets even longer, but irrelevant. It ended up with me sleeping in the BCD boys room, and I didn't know what else was happening in the other rooms, HAHA

The next morning, was even funnier. I woke up first, so..

It was a riot when everybody else woke up :)))

Everyone else just realized their hunger at 12 noon.
We left for lunch by 2.

On the road for a lunch quest. Then finally found a place to eat, and then went chillin in the mall after.

GROCERY for DINNER! Khen the Mr. BBQ man, thanks for dinner! :P

A few shots, then an unplanned midnight swim. (btw, we needed to be at the airport by 3am)

NO SLEEP :( but it was uber fun! home sweet home :D

There are no more pictures after. This is my 3-days squeezed in one blog. :)) I went to my 730am class and skipped the others. I was sooo haggard and groggy, I couldn't believe that just a few hours before my photography class in Bacolod, I was swimming with my friends in Manila. That was totally awesome. Also, it was my first time to experience a turbulence in a flight. I actually wanted the plane to crash and just survive with my friends. Disturbing, I know. :))

After that weekend, I realized, nothing changed. Im still considered as a boy. :-( sigh.

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