Saturday, August 28, 2010

changing perspectives.

earlier today i went to a workshop for graphics design.(i was late, as usual) but it was a suuper duuper fun workshop, and I learned a lot. of course i didn't take notes since what they presented was mostly visual, and i didn't bring a book and a pen anyway.

i wasn't very interested to attend at first because seminars are always booring, but man was I wrong! I'm glad I went to this workshop. The speakers were famous graphic artists working in Manila, and just like me, as students, they were also very lazy (ok, maybe that's just me), they were not that active, or too "fond" of school either. i guess they were the type who went to school for fun and not for education. In that way, I connected with all three of them.

Mr. Mark Nikolas Martin, Mr. Paolo Dizon, and my fellow Bacolodnon Ms. Isabel Gatuslao, who was very very pretty and young-looking at the age of thirty. I thought she was kidding wen she first said it, Kurt fell in love, haha!

The workshop made me like graphic design more than photography, and it's a big deal for me, because I've been a photographer since sixth grade. Changing perspectives is quite hard for me since I have no actual basis for graphic designing. but wth, Its cool to try out new things, and maybe do both at the same time. :)

After the workshop, we had to shoot the poster for our multimedia class, I was so excited, because I wanted to be the photographer again, but both our male and female models couldn't make it, and so i had to stand in. We had no choice, and they convinced me with free lunch, soo what the heck. HAHAHA!

The product was San Mig Light, and we didnt ave any, so we ad to make do with an empty botle of vodka and a can of pepsi that could pass as SML if post processed. awkward, and hella funny. :)))

"You have to go through a lot of shit, to create a beautiful flower"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the reunion ♥

so here’s the story:

Khen realized not everyone is outside drinking beer, and enjoying the reunion he organized for us, he went into the room and got shocked at what he saw,

Buang and Rey watching National Geographic Channel

and Gizel reading a bible.

then we all went outside and joined them

so this happened


hahahaha :)) i miss my high school friends

Friday, August 20, 2010

BOYS WEEKEND xD (one week late post)

last Saturday i went to manila. with these people. we almost didn't make it to boarding time because someone -AHEM JOEY AHEM- was 45 minutes late.
I'm posting an embarrassing shot of Joey(middle) to give him a lesson. >:)

thankfully, he arrived 2 minutes before they could close on us.
We were going to Manila for our friend Beau's birthday celebration.
I was with the boys and theese girls are just my New found friends, haha :)
Meet Ella and Jasmine, and our AWKWARD phase ;))
finally we have arrived! :) Beau Dylan! you're nineteen BRO! (laughing because he didn't even grow an inch *sorry beau*)

Next up, Beau's condo! should've stayed there, but we only went there to change after we ate out. :(
Awesome room, and view, I SWEAR!

PARTY TIME! :D Attica Bar in Makati
I was with the boys the whole time cause I didn't know any girls besides Ella and Jasmine, who had close girlfriends there too.
I have never felt so out of place in a room full of girls until that night. They were not mean, they were actually nice, we just weren't that close. :)

Thankfully "US" boys had the same thought of going out and going home.

Beau's house felt like a guys crash pad. It was soo Guy-ish, with the gadgets mac,ps,laptop, and probably a hidden porn stash somewhere, haha
Joey is sucha loser for sleeping first :))

And Vincent got played on by Alfonse and Giles. LOL :)
This is Khen playing something I don't understand
Alfonse playing NBA Live
And me stuck with NO ONE to talk to. :(

So then Beau and his Manila friends (and Jasmine) came, so the story gets even longer, but irrelevant. It ended up with me sleeping in the BCD boys room, and I didn't know what else was happening in the other rooms, HAHA

The next morning, was even funnier. I woke up first, so..

It was a riot when everybody else woke up :)))

Everyone else just realized their hunger at 12 noon.
We left for lunch by 2.

On the road for a lunch quest. Then finally found a place to eat, and then went chillin in the mall after.

GROCERY for DINNER! Khen the Mr. BBQ man, thanks for dinner! :P

A few shots, then an unplanned midnight swim. (btw, we needed to be at the airport by 3am)

NO SLEEP :( but it was uber fun! home sweet home :D

There are no more pictures after. This is my 3-days squeezed in one blog. :)) I went to my 730am class and skipped the others. I was sooo haggard and groggy, I couldn't believe that just a few hours before my photography class in Bacolod, I was swimming with my friends in Manila. That was totally awesome. Also, it was my first time to experience a turbulence in a flight. I actually wanted the plane to crash and just survive with my friends. Disturbing, I know. :))

After that weekend, I realized, nothing changed. Im still considered as a boy. :-( sigh.