Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My best friend's birthday

Junko is finally seventeen! it was a totally unforgettable night! :))

Patricia came and i LOL'd at the fact that she had a new haircut. unfortunately, it was just like mine. well, she was consistent when she denied copying me, haha COPYCAT! lol jk Trish, i still love you

Quincy's sister was at the same place, and whoopidee, she had the same do. :)) :|

Me and Angeline became friends again. ♥ yeahh I missed her THIS much!

And HELL YEAH i look good with Joelo, hahaha! even though I never had a crush on him, not even once. This night, we admitted to Joelo that Junko, Angeline, and probably a lot of our other classmates were fighting over him, HAHAHAHA his reaction was priceless!