Saturday, January 16, 2010

Untitled- Chapter 1

"I feel as if I don't belong to the world."

She thought to herself as she fidgeted with her heart-shaped locket given to her by her late grandmother. She never had much friends ever since she moved to her new town. Sadly, she has been here for more than three years. Not your typical average-girl. She's not popular, she's not ignored, although she is the one who separates herself from everyone else. An outcast, if you must say, but she's not actually the type of person you tend to mess with.

Not really scary, or the bullying kind, not even the bullied, but there's something about her. Different. Genuine. Almost as if she doesn't really belong to the world.

"Hey, you wanna have lunch with us?" Joe was usually modest. He was the everybody's-friend kind of guy. In a school where stereotyping is a big deal, Joe is the kind of person who can just hang around with anyone.

"I..uh..kind of have something to do.. for lunch period.." she said as a lame excuse, then quickly thought of something that would sound really important for her to skip lunch.

"Well then, I guess I'll see you free period?" He asked again.

"I guess.." just to get him to shut up.

As a senior, you wouldn't really have much classes when its almost just a few days away from graduation. She doesn't really hang around school much. She thinks that the longer she stays there, the harder it would be for her to get rid of the scent of the fresh-cut field grass or the old paint of the lockers.

The scent? That's not the real reason why she doesn't want to stay. Memories of this school still haunt her, it probably will forever. A memory she wants to forget but never will.

She slammed her locker door shut and went across the hallway. Judgmental eyes looked begrudgingly to her direction but she decided to dismiss them. Might as well pretend to be the superficial, conscienceless person everyone assumes her to be, right?

Now, all she needed to do is wait for three more days. Three more days, that doesn't seem to be enough for her classmates. Two more nights of sleep before their batch will finally graduate. An event she can't wait to be done with, while it is the kind of event her classmates don't ever want to go through.

She walked through the busy hallway looking down, hearing the echoes of spiteful whispers that she was meant to hear.

"She did it.."
"She killed them."

Slouching towards the door, she tried protesting a tear from falling from her eye but she was weak. She went out to the parking lot, scanned around for her car, and went towards it.

She read the big bold letters of the wet blue spray paint vandalized on her car door.

I did not. I did not kill them.
It wasn't my fault.

And so, she started her car and left. The sight of the road and the trees all merged into a blur that faded past her as her car drove towards the mountains.
The place where they died.

I did not. I did not kill them.
It wasn't my fault.

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