Saturday, January 16, 2010

February 17

i decided to make short stories to enhance my writing skills.
three weeks from now, i will be passing my portfolio for the Mass Comm screening.
if i pass,i will continue on till second year, if I don't- i will have to find a different course. and im pretty sure i wont have much passion for it as i do for my course now.

its pretty nerve-wracking considering i don't really have substantial works, activities or credentials that i could put in my portfolio.
TAG LINE: sell yourself (to the panel)
what could i sell? i only worked for school publishing in grade school, and it all went downwards after that. I was too lazy during high school, and all that mattered for me at that time were nonsense pranks.
now i realize i should've existed when i still had the chance.

im pretty scared about the 5th of February, no, actually the 17th- screening day, im hoping the panel would be nice to me, but deep inside i know that that's impossible.

im pretty sure, nobody reads my blogs anyway, so i will let loose- or so i hope. ;)

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