Monday, January 5, 2009


is done. :((

daddy week, is happening once every year, or every 2-3 years. :(
its when my dad gets to come home from manila for a whole year or two, and stay just 5-9 days.
and this has been happening since i was what, 5?
so how does he make up for, [give and take] ten years of absence?
well, i dunno. although, there is progress this year, progress between him and my mom's "friendship" and i did'nt say relationship because, well, you know the drill. HAHA :D

anyway, a lot can happen in a span of seven days.
friendly hugs, fight,talk, fight, bicker,quarrel, argue,dinner, the usual family scene.
oh, usual, for us maybe. lol

anyway, i was so glad during new year's eve because the only thing i heard mom and dad argue about was the weather. LOL mom says the rain would stop coz its new year, and if it didnt, the whole year will be rainy. dad was on the side that it wouldnt stop raining. it was all casual until the second day.
the third day was better though. it was fun. fake fun, real fun..and just funny. i wouldnt let it all go up to my head though.

and from then on, well, i just dont know. :)